Formerly Progression Fitness Club, owners Ben Scolyer and Alex & Scott Pendlebury are excited to relaunch as FitHouse in December 2021.

We started as a hugely popular outdoor Boot Camp program back in 2008 to offer a program similar pre-season footy training methods. The coaches and staff we have a FitHouse all come from sporting backgrounds which is vital for our style. The program has has evolved over the years as fitness trends moved to indoor based programs where we have specialised in what we see as the best and most fun fitness classes for everyday active people - Strength, HIIT, Pilates and Boxing. We can't wait for you to experience our way of training

Meet The Team


Ben Scolyer

FitHouse (formerly Progression Fitness Club) founder, lead trainer and program designer. Ben was a junior national level sportsman in cricket and football and state seniors level in football, this sporting background and the discipline and hard work required has shaped his coaching style and the entire ethos the PFC/FH brand is built on. Starting in the industry in 2006 and founding this business in 2008 there's a lot of experience behind Ben's coaching.


Ben Fuller

Ben comes from an extensive sporting background having competed at national level as a junior in AFL and Swimming before continuing at senior state level in football. Ben has a Bachelors in Exercise and Movement Science. The newest member of the FitHouse team, Ben will lean in to this sporting experience and uni degree to deliver awesome training sessions to our members.


Emma Udorovic

Emma’s background in Gymnastics lead to a passion in the Health and Wellness industry and ultimately to Pilates. Her classes are suitable for all levels and focus on progressively building core strength and confidence, and of course having fun. She believes everyone can and should practise Pilates, and is passionate to spread the word about the amazing health benefits for your body and mind.


Kris Pendlebury

Former Collingwood VFL football captain and long time high level sportsman, Kris has trained with and under the best in the business when it comes to leading Strength and Conditioning coaches. Extremely experienced coach and has a huge library of elite exercises. Has been a PFC/FH coach since 2016, you can catch Kris in our Strength classes. Word of warning, loves volume!